​​​​ALTRA Machinery Movers & Riggers has the reputation as being "THE TEAM TO CALL" to install your brewery tanks.

ALTRA Machinery Movers & Riggers provide expert solutions for micro and macro craft brewery installations:


Christian Moerlein

  • Rigging
  • Structual Fabrication & Steel fabrication and erection
  • Brew House
  • Lauter Tons/ Mash Tuns
  • Brew Vessels & All fermentation Tanks
  • Brew Kettles
  • Brite Tanks
  • Hot & Cold Liquor Tanks
  • Spent Grain &  Malt Silos
  • ​Off Load & Erect Vessels

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The Team at ALTRA Machinery Movers & Riggers enjoys the excitement and atmosphere of installing breweries.  In the greater Cincinnati area, if its quality you are after, ALTRA Machinery Movers & Riggers is the leading expert!   Whether you are updating an aging beer brew line, expanding your brewery business or venturing into a new craft brewery company,  ALTRA Machinery Movers & Riggers has the expertise and experience to install various  beer brew systems such as:  Brew House, Lauter Ton, Mash Tun Brew Kettle, Whirlpools, Brite Tanks, Hot Liquor Tanks, Cold Liquor Tanks, Silo Systems, Brew Can lines, Bottle Lines, Boilers/Chillers, Fermentation vessels, Spent Grain, Malt Silos, and Steam Kettles.  When it comes to your investment, ALTRA Machinery Movers & Riggers delivers on time, safety at the forefront and with quality results.

Madtree Brewery

 Braxton Brewery

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